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It has brilliantly colored autumn foliage, much like the maple tree, which makes it stand out when trees start putting on their fall fashion show. 3 more to go. It a 3ft diameter root ball 2 1/2 ft deep. Thank you Denise! I actually read an article defending those trees, saying that sweet gum balls were soft and pretty. Not that really bad weather is needed . 3 total hours stacking. Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) As a Southerner, it is very difficult to insult this beautiful … The small stature lends itself well to smaller properties, under power lines and as a street tree. My elm tree is losing leaves, does it have Dutch elm disease and should it be removed? It shares this flaw with many other trees, including silver maple (Acer saccharinum). The sweet gum balls can also be turned into interesting craft projects—a far more common use for the tree's dried seed pods. Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 13, 2012: Our home is surrounded by large oak trees and whether it is due to last years severe drought in Houston or not...they are dropping acorns this year like never before. I'm a landscape architect and these are the sorts of things that everyone should know before planting trees. 46 reviews of Tree People "We are extremely happy with the work James did with our large Elm tree. crepe myrtle (even tho it is a shrub) - i am surprised you did. It was hard to include the great oak tree in this list because it is such a wonderful tree. That, my friends, is a lot of pecan pies. Thanks for sharing this information. I rated it up and am sharing. They also deposit an absolutely incredible tonnage of leaves, and not just a few at a time. The seeds are a striking cherry-red color, and the bark pattern is uniquely textured. I received two slips from friend. According to the forestry service, oaks are more likely than other trees to be struck by lightning, (with beeches being the least likely.) 8 total hours splitting. A good alternative tree that has roughly the same shape and shade-producing habit is the linden tree or one of several maples. japonica 'Morton') is another Dutch elm disease-resistant deciduous elm that is noted for its vigorous growth, dark green foliage and good yellow fall color. Yet strangely difficult to pick off. Even if they taste good (some of mine are great), it's not worth the trouble. Incidentally, the acorns—if they fall from a great enough height—can even put small dents in your car. Gum balls may sound appetizing, but in reality, they are neither sweet nor edible. My home owners experience has been a hard lesson with trees. I think they'd start growing in humid air. I fell for the gumball trick once. It is also resistant to elm leaf beetle and Japanese beetle, both common elm tree pests. Then came the Dutch elm disease, actually a fungus, that essentially destroyed all … Not to mention the sticky pollen that coated the sap and created a pasty substance that will eventually eat the paint. Chinese elm is a tough tree, tolerant of urban air and soils, and resistant to Dutch elm disease. Providing the very best level of service, Elm Tree are committed to understanding your painting and decorating needs from freshening up your home to making bigger changes. Dutch elm disease (DED) is the most devastating shade tree disease in North America. :). Just step outside, and there will be all the pecans you can eat right for the taking! (Or from your car!). I will definitely use this if I ever move, but I have to add the Cottonwood to your list. After the disease is contracted, spores rapidly reproduce and spread toxins throughout the tree. Because the foliage of Ginkgo biloba resembles that of maidenhair fern, this beauty is sometimes commonly called "maidenhair tree." You won't mind the damage to your roof from a fallen branch, or the garage full of leaves. If you think you worked hard getting the yard cleaned up, wait until you try removing sweet gum sap from a carpet. I grew up with large silver maples and while in spring they do have their 'wing' drop it's not much and the next lawn mowing gets rid of them. Four years ago, I moved into a tiny home built in 1936. But the kind shown in the picture is podless—problem solved. Particularly when planting near roads, buildings or parked cars. Took my time all year... but you dont mess with Elm. Yale University Extension, Aspen Trees. The tree will also benefit from the extra water to replace what aphids take. Aspen trees are popular specimens for fall foliage in the West. But they are also members of the willow family, as is Lombardy poplar (Populus nigra), for example. or they can be a nightmare. What makes Bradford pear one of the worst trees to grow in your yard is not the mess that it creates but, rather, its weak branches. Everybody knows about the large leaves and acorns they drop in autumn. If you hate extra lawn care as much as I do, then here are five specimens you may want to avoid. When airborne, they are as dangerous as grenades. I do know we never had to gather kindling wood for the winter because it was always available just outside the door. The catalpa tree sheds the large green leaves all year in heavy breezes. By 1930, researchers identified the fungus that causes DED and found that its spores were carried from one tree to another by elm bark beetles. Elm trees are commonly afflicted with Dutch elm disease. I had to remove it with equipment. The copious amount of seeds can create a mess on hard surfaces for a period of time. This water-seeking behavior makes them a threat to do damage to pipes. Jayme, I so agree with your information. The catalpa tree, (also known as a catawba tree) is a fairly common tree, so much so, in fact, that it is often considered a "weed" in certain areas. The veins of the leaf are usually very visible too. . . A Tree of Heaven is an invasive weed tree that grows really quickly. Fell BEFORE it stormed. Any disease problems, including cankers, rots, leaf spots, and wilt, tend to be relatively minor. and the above-mentioned slips and falls. It serves as one of the best alternatives to Bradford pear. Plus, the pollen in the center of the flower left the whole yard covered in what looked to be little matchsticks. Sharon from NW Arkansas on June 05, 2019: Wow so glad to find your hub, Thank you for posting. I mean.. when I bought the house I though, that's a cool maple. I can testify to the oak shedding twigs and small branches. But there is a problem: This maiden is an awful slob. LIke a window, perhaps. We have several large full size pines surrounding our pool. But I have a small yard. The Spruce uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. These disease-resistant varieties are helping to make a comeback of these classic trees. In the spring, they might produce lovely flowers, and in the autumn, some brilliantly colored leaves. Cost to us to trim up beautiful old tall oak to save. I don't know about cooler climates, but in the Oklahoman heat, sweet gum trees ooze amber sap that sticks to your shoes when you walk across the yard. I'm ready to plant a three trees in my back yard (medium sized), but I have a daughter who is allergic to bees. Apply it along window tracks and other points of entry. Others, however, produce acorns, which are very fascinating, but difficult to rake up. If you must have them (but want a cleaner specimen), turn to a cultivar of the southern catalpa: Catalpa bignonioides 'Nana.' My husband said Thanks, then cut it down himself. Leaf beetles my consume large quantities of foliage, but will not necessarily damage the tree itself. My community has sweet gum trees planted in front of every house. Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 13, 2012: Love this and your sense of humor! Fast growing and adaptable, this is a good choice when you want a shade tree for a small landscape. Yes it has beautiful pink flowers in spring and red berries for winter interest but what a mess and a lot of work to remove seedlings and saplings that sprout up through out the spring and summer. Or, messiness can take the form of falling flowers, shedding bark, dropped fruit that rots on the ground, and more. Like the catalpa tree, the pecan tree sheds just about everything. It makes a distinct sound when the wind blows through the leaves and it produces large, white flowers that fill the air with sweet perfume. Here are some recommended trees for us lazy landscapers, but keep in mind that while these trees don't shed as drastically as the five listed above, they do still drop leaves, fruit, flowers, etc. Tree man came saw the tips of leaves burned and knew that tree was done, lightning hit top of tree and traveled down thru middle of trunk. To take down and cut up and grind trunk. Fossilized remains of Magnolias have been found dating back 68 million years, And of course, don't forget those lightning-safe beeches (genus. Maybe the developer thought this was a great idea. Step on an unseen cone, and you were asking for a broken ankle. Red oaks, sometimes called northern red oaks, are messy on multiple counts. If you love pecans, then having your own tree is probably worth the work for you. The oaks are a little un-nerving when you think how many are planted close to homes and businesses. Right now, I'm smack dab in the pecan catkins removal stage. This doesn't mean magnolias should be discounted. Some trees are nice. The owner declared that it took the entire family two weeks every year to pick up only the majority of balls. I moved into my Oakland, CA home 10 years ago, and the main trees in the yard were a lemon tree (no special cultivar), several plum trees, and several loquats, I advise, NEVER plant ANY of these trees anywhere you might want to go near. I forgot to mention in the hub about all the sprouts that would have to be pulled if you don't collect all the seeds and nuts from these trees! . If you'd rather cook than craft, you can also make your own acorn flour. I've got 3 crape myrtles and they don't drop much and are gorgeous. . After a small rain shower with light winds. I split 4 already. The sweet gum tree is often planted as an ornamental tree. Others are monsters. If you have large, well-established trees, you may tolerate the cons because you are reticent to sacrifice the tree's shade for the time it takes a newer model to grow to adulthood. They were still there after a decade, and I suppose they are still there now. Then it starts dropping the little branches that the seed pods and flowers were on. Unlike locust trees (see above), the messiness of northern catalpa is not relegated to its bean-like pods. I hate them!!!!! The petals were leathery, wet, and tough. Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on October 13, 2012: @Billy--Thank you very much! Chinese Elms were introduced as a response to this devastation and with fantastic results. You could also try planting a Little Gem Magnolia, also known as the dwarf Southern magnolia. The worms make excellent bait . Cost us $1,500. Cost was plenty ER, Doctors, pain... My neighbor told my husband he should have sprayed that sweet gum tree to stop it from seeding and making balls. Our local park and city landscaping along some of our streets are full of sweet gum trees, and I was contemplating getting one because of their beautiful fall colors. Using the common name, "maidenhair trees" will help you remember an important fact: It is specifically the female that is messy. But pecans don't fall off the tree looking like the un-shelled versions you buy at the store for the holidays. Finally the last insult....pine cones all winter. Don't forget that pecan wood smells heavenly in a fireplace, and when used in a smoker gives meat a savory flavor. We used to live in a house with a small front yard that had not one, but two sweet gum trees in front. American Elm must be at least 15-years-old before it will bear seed. These trees are beautiful to own, but they do require a lot of love and care. At the very least, plant them as far away as possible from common foot traffic areas to prevent stepping on cones. Large specimens can shed a massive volume of catkins composed of tiny, staminate flowers. They said " only if you take them all." White Pines are our nightmare. I imagine they would be a lot cleaner. This family of shrubs and trees is infamous for having vigorous root systems that seek out water. This is no doubt why people thought it was handy to plant pecan trees close to their houses. Every morning, (and I do mean EVERY morning) of the year, they had shed enough small branches to create small brush piles. The structure of an elm tree is like an umbrella with wide spreading limbs and some drooping branches. I love seeing them far away, in other people's yards! Obviously they have never fallen on a pile of them! are examples of other popular trees with separate male and female plants, and whose males are highly allergenic. Because lurking under that innocent carpet lay the dreaded magnolia cones. Elm saplings are also one of deer’s … Jayme Kinsey (author) from Oklahoma on October 30, 2012: @Lipnancy--Thanks for stopping by.. You have given the lazy and not so lazy gardeners something to consider when planting trees. Whereas the wood, flowers, and leaves would all burn easily (the leaves sound like fire-crackers, by the way, if anyone would like to try) the cones would not burn. It had a slow growth. Nor are the fallen leaves pretty enough that you'll be tempted to let them lie where they fall to contribute autumn color to your yard: By the time catalpa leaves fall, they will likely have been blackened by the frost, transforming what had hitherto been respectable foliage into something hideous. are nearly impossible to rake, meaning they almost always have to be picked up by hand. !! That is why you will often see this particular type planted in parks and along roadsides: namely, Gleditsia triacanthos var. The bark is rough with deep grooves. Photo by HQ Lightroom Presets on Unsplash. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Neighbor had a fit. Its infertile seed pods contain shikimic acid, used to synthesize Tamiflu, a drug used to prevent or alleviate influenza infections. Thanks for sharing! Haha. Is there a way to stop Crepe Myrtles from blooming and making a huge mess on my patio? This tree stands 10 to 12 feet high, with a slightly greater spread. Magnolias are my personal least favorite. They offer us shade and sometimes fruit in the summer and windbreaks in the winter. I have two large Cottonwoods in my back yard and their cotton make it impossible to be in the back yard for about six weeks every spring/early summer. It had only a 6 inch stump so I thought it would be respectibly easy to remove. I had never seen the little ones before with the petite blossoms. Voted up for interesting! It is recommended for hardiness zones 5 to 9, as is its golden-leafed version, Catalpa bignonioides 'Aurea Nana.'. Far far away from mine. Magnolia leaves are crisp and waxy even when green, which made raking them very difficult. Ugh! El… A surprising number of trees routinely planted as landscape specimens have qualities that are unpleasant, at best. Yeah. This tree can be quite beautiful for the multitude of white flowers it produces in spring, and the gorgeous fall foliage it achieves in fall. Elm Tree Varieties, Disease Treatment, Pruning Tips & More. (There is another variety of loquat, the Bronze Loquat, however, which is beautiful and apparently without the useless fruit.) And they are home to the catalpa worm. We have a Silver Maple and a Catalpa in our yard, I would rather have the Catalpa any day. The third was a sweet gum in front yard by drive way, well after I stepped on one of the darn hard balls and turned my ankle going to my car. (2 Trees). Then once the first frost hits....about a third of the needles turn yellow and drop everywhere, covering the ground. but you won't have much time to go fishing if you have one or two of these trees. Hof mentioned that starting on July 31, the City of Grande Prairie will begin pressure washing it’s city-owned elm trees to hopefully get rid of some of the mess on some Grande Prairie streets. Another commonly found plant with rounded seed pods is the American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), also called the "western planetree." Denise Handlon from North Carolina on October 16, 2012: Hi Sharkey, I just read your comment and have to reply to this. Sample Script For ELM Tree Of Mastery; Sample Script For ELM Tree Of Mastery. Then all the leaves, dirt, and other outside debris sticks to the resin and tracks into your house. Elm Tree Painting & Decorating services are a friendly run business covering Bristol and surrounding areas. Literlly tons of these balls are dropped every year from November to April where they clog up the drain sewers and clog up the waterways. “Washington Elm” Tree or “Cambridge Elm” at Garrett County Memorial Hospital in Oakland, Maryland Main_Content This tree was a sapling when planted in Oakland as part of the celebration of the 200th birthday of George Washington (1732-1932) but there is much “more to this tree… Feel free to grow the females, which are not allergenic. We have them in St Thomas and they make an Oak 'Tree look clean. They are like baseballs, easily capable of taking out a window or knocking a person unconscious. My gutters were constantly full . They are a delicious nut! We had 10 large trees when we purchased our home 25 years ago. The tree is a Camperdown elm. What a mistake. Really, I bought the property for the beautiful, gigantic, mature trees, which include 1 catalpa, 1 pecan, 1 mimosa, and 3 texas umbrellas. Like magnolia cones, the balls don't break down easily in compost or a rubbish pile. I don't need a 100ft tree. Ouch! They are enjoyable, ornamental trees. Now only 1 weed sapling (it’s life unsured ) First one Elm tree died, back with Dutch Elm disease, cost us to have removed from city street where it fell. Last edited: Dec 1, 2009. A heavy wind or ice storm will take out whole branches, some of which are the size of small trees themselves. Our Services. Watch out for them when you are digging for pecans; these shells can have sharp points that will puncture a tennis shoe sole. Additionally, hybridization between the Chinese and American elms has led to cultivars that A landscape standout, the lacebark elm has distinctive bark, which is mottled and often creates colorful patterns in its trunk. Lacebark or Chinese elms offer unusual mottled bark, small leaves, and good resistance to both Dutch elm disease and elm leaf beetle. Fall is the best time of the year to plant a tree, but look before you leap. What are these little flakes and what are their purpose? It is likely that your elm is infested with elm leaf beetles. The ones in NC are probably the same as the ones here in OK. Hit one with the mower? Let me add the Flowering Crabapple Tree. I suppose in some places the cones are seasonal, but in southeast Oklahoma, they fell all year. I love this hub. These little black seeds then start to grow their own crop of trees everywhere they come to rest soil or not. Many people twist there ankles and the wind brings them everywhere. I have also written a tree hub so I will link yours to that one. Adult elm leaf beetles and worm-like beetle larvae feed on elm leaves which cause leaves to turn brown and prematurely fall from the tree in mid to late summer. Then a fine rain of refuse through the summer. Hundreds of cones a week were collected and eventually piled on a back acre. . Nuzzy Trail Gnome. Filthy black mold on leaves, too. My mother loved magnolia trees and we had one in our front yard in Michigan, along with maples and fruit trees in the back yard. Who doesn't like pecans? Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on October 17, 2012: Great pictures you used as examples of these trees. I guess they like the warmer climates. ‘Frontier’ is a smaller elm shade tree introduced by the National Arboretum. Aggressive rooting bottomland species (i.e., willow, honeylocust, silver maple, and elm) are more likely to cause subsidence than slow growing upland species (i.e., oak and sugar maple). Here are six monsters you should never, ever plant in a residential neighborhood, lest you earn your neighbor's hatred and Grumpy's scorn. Second one very Large Oak during Ice storm 2009 broke limbs... one when thru patio swing top, one thru husbands truck window, one when thru roof of house. Cottonwood (Populus deltoides) and mulberry (Morus spp.) Dec 1, 2009. Japanese loquats--filthy mess with something dying and dropping all year long--and I don't mean the leaves, which are voluminous, but at least not moldy, filthy, or squishy, like the fruit. University of Montana Extension. Trees can be a gorgeous and worthwhile addition to your yard . Research the best alternatives to grow over septic systems, such as: White ash makes the list of the worst trees to grow in your yard if you are an allergy sufferer. And that fall I was impressed with the color. Cleaning up the magnolia litter was a dreaded chore. All deciduous trees are infamous for one form of messiness—namely, the numerous leaves they dump into your yard all at once when autumn arrives. Now I have an oak tree that can drop a tree-sized limb if someone sneezes inside the house. Dutch elm disease (or DED) is caused by a fungus. So loud was the sound we jumped out of bed sound sleep. Not just because of the litter, but because with our tornadoes and bad storms, we need trees that are much stronger. I had a liquidamber tree in my back yard and it was awful. Great hub. But their orchid-like flowers are lovely. You didn't want to mow over too many of them, because they would congeal under the mower and create a mess. Those globular seed balls yield yet another common name: "buttonball trees.". I swear it dropped leaves 365 days a year and the leaves were a great pain to rake up. What a mess! These trees also like to drop twigs constantly but they provide wonderful shade so I won't be getting rid of them. However, the tree has some beneficial properties. There are varying degrees of messiness. That only leaves you approximately 98,456 gum balls left for disposal. I got 7 Cords of Elm. And that do not draw lightning! Somewhere under that knee-deep crunchy carpet though, lie your prized delicacies . . In addition to the twigs and branches, they shed their leaves. We actually began growing Triumph Elm by accident, having received the tree in a shipment of the highly favored Accolade Elm, Ulmus japonica x wilsoniana ‘Morton’, that we had ordered. Ugh! If you want to keep any nice enough to eat, you will have to string bird-netting under and make a hobby of it, but who can eat hundreds of plums, anyway? I lived in Southern California with a pool in ground, and two 90 foot canary island pine trees. Had a wooden privacy screen put in at edge of patio. It can also stain driveways, patios, landscaping, and outdoor furniture. Denise Handlon from North Carolina on October 14, 2012: I had no idea that the oak was so frequently struck by lightening. If it didn't ruin the blades, then it was slung out and into something else. It was a mess to clean up but the beauty outshone it all. heh, you didn't even mention walnut, that's another nasty one... my parents neighborhood is full of Catalpa, Mulberry, maples, walnut, etc.... they ALL make a mess.. what the mulberries lack in direct mess they make up for in bird droppings. Keep in mind, however, that while evergreen trees may not shed their leaves the same way, they can drop petals, needles, and fruit, so there is still a bit of maintenance and cleanup required. I am not sorry for having it chopped down - I am sure I am one of the few that don't like this classic Southern tree. I've been told that now the only kind of Cottonwood you can buy is "cottonless" but, boy, the older trees are horrible. Of course the answer to the first problem is to get a woodburning stove, and to the second - a pig! Beautiful tree (my shrubs are 20 feet tall or more) but they drop SOMETHING year round. Then during another storm that dad gum Oak tree thanked us by getting hit by lightning. As an arborist, he understands what is best for the tree and also took into consideration all of our concerns with the branches right over our roof. The seed capsules of this tree (which is also known as bougainvillea goldenrain tree) travel widely and sprout everywhere—and we mean everywhere. Unusual foliage emerges reddish in spring, turning green in summer, then turns a lovely purple red in fall. Make that worms. Magnolias are a traditional element in southern landscaping. Aphids are tiny insects that insert their straw-like mouthparts into the tree to drink the sap. @Denise-I didn't know there were more Magnolias either until I started looking for a picture of one for this hub. These leaves are small, and will easily clog gutters. I would never, ever, again buy a home where one of these trees is within a MILE. What's worse, these sweet gum balls (again, not to be confused with sweet gumballs!) I am killing off about 1000 of those seedlings every year. If you brush up against the leaves, you might find yourself covered in little friends. . Elm trees are deciduous trees that originated in Asia about forty million years ago. I've never had the pleasure of being around walnuts, but I can definitely agree about the mulberries! In addition to Dutch Elm disease, the elm may be afflicted with pests including bark beetles, gypsy moth, elm borer, mites and scales. Medium to fast-growing, this elm adapts to many soil conditions and is relatively free from the diseases ravaging other elm species, making it a tough and durable tree for any situation. Male trees do not shed the fleshy, stinky golden balls (shown in the picture) that bring Ginkgo biloba into this discussion of messy trees. These nuts are also a potential health hazard, as you can easily slip and fall on them. For years we had very large, old oaks that rarely lost a twig during high winds. Two huge garbage bags full! The thing had broken into every irrigation, drainage system it could. But the sticky pitch dropped by eastern white pine puts it in the running as one of the messiest of all trees. While you are busy raking leaves and twigs and large chunks of bark, you will also find the seed pods. Joined Dec 15, 2007 Messages 1,502 Age 38 Location So why did we bother to rake up all the leaves and petals when we lived "way out in the boonies"? I see some comments about trees that I would say are normal for trees that lose their leaves in the fall. Crape myrtles drop flowers in the summer, leaves and seed pods in the fall, and the bark peels in the winter and spring. All of the cones had to be gathered daily by hand, and disposal was a challenge. Am sure that I will be pulling up ones from garden beds or ones that squirrels have dug into the ground for some time to come. Whenever you see the cultivar name, 'Nana,' you know you're dealing with a dwarf. Barbara Radisavljevic from Templeton, CA on October 15, 2012: Wow! They don't just shed twigs, either. But should a particularly harsh winter come along to dump heavy snow and ice on the branches, two or three major branches can easily break off, disfiguring your beautiful tree forever. This was the funniest and most informative article i have read in aome time. If you can't handle that then get an apartment. So how could a pecan tree be bad? All trees have their pros and cons. There aren’t a lot of negatives when it comes to lacebark … If the outer shells have already fallen off, then you will have a million of these too. Problem : This is a Dutch Elm Disease resistant tree, drought tolerant, and resistant to Elm Yellows and the Elm Leaf Beetle. The elm tree’s large, broad canopy and interweaved drooping branches grace the streets of many towns and landscapes. American sweetgum is so called because of the seed pods or "gumballs" that it drops, which make it quite messy. These seed pods are round, hard, and spiky, as are those dropped by another high-maintenance plant, the horse chestnut​ (Aesculus hippocastanum). I have seen some reasonably young, supposedly supple pecans drop branches in just a light thunderstorm. Note: Like sweet gum balls, acorns (and pecans too) can be used in a variety of craft projects. The lake is pitch black at that depth — and being underwater can mess with one’s sense of movement. We do have an oak tree on the property, but it's very far from the house and garden areas, all by itself. Ouch! First they drop their leaves, then the seed pods which are inside what appears to be a cross between a leaf and a flower petal. As its name implies, the disease only affects elm trees, so if you see a tree with the symptoms of Dutch elm disease, you can safely conclude it is an elm. The stately elm tree is a beloved American treasure. A dead elm tree is a threat to all the other elm trees in the neighbourhood. But if these habits seriously bother you, you'll have to look for another tree species entirely, since all the oaks produce acorns and flower catkins of some type. Good garden centers may not even carry the female trees in their stock. Where there are neighbors to clean up... you will find 20 - 50 bags of these balls out for waste pickup. THIS tree should top your and every chart for dirtiest tree! We are new to Idaho and love it, but we have a tree that is creating mess in front yard. Here is the absolute worst tree I have had to put up with: Goldenball Lead tree. These cones are evident even on very young trees available for sale in pots at the garden center. Don't forget to watch for the worms. Very informative. Relentlessly. Love the information about messy trees! It creates drifts of cotton that sticks like crazy once it lands on landscaping (and it never biodegrades). The first one is a dark, armor-plated outer shell (may be green when it first falls) If you find the pecans still imprisoned thusly, you have to either wait for this husk to fall off, or you have to work a little harder for your snack.

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